Improving hospice and palliative care outcomes through speech recognition – patient, clinician, business

Voice-enabled documentation is a game-changer for organizations that want to save time, increase accuracy, and accelerate reimbursement. Speech recognition empowers clinicians to quickly input documentation at the point of care, leading to increased clinician satisfaction and lower turnover. And with hospice organizations mandated by CMS to provide patient narratives in the clinician’s own words, accurate and complete documentation is a necessity for reimbursement.

In this session, we’ll focus on these objectives:

  • Understand the power of enabling your clinicians with HIPAA-compliant, medically infused, speech recognition
  • Learn how your clinicians can save time and improve their documentation quality
  • Gain insight to cycle time, workflow, and business implications


Chad Hiner, RN, MS, VP of customer experience, nVOQ

Chris Pugliese, product manager, MatrixCare

Watch the webinar now.

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