Information security with Todd Friedman, chief information security officer, ResMed

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Navin Gupta, SVP of the home and hospice division at MatrixCare, is joined by Todd Friedman, chief information security officer at ResMed, and Brian Tolkkinen, director of information security at MatrixCare. The three discuss the importance of information security, and the key roles played by concepts like monitoring, compliance, vulnerability, response, and training.

Join Navin, Todd, and Brian as they chat about healthcare being a top target for hackers, with the immense value placed on medical records, making EHR security more important than ever. For leaders, operators, and providers seeking a better, more secure enterprise solution, this episode offers an easy-to-follow primer of the most important information. Listen to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:22 – 04:37]: Todd and Brian introduce the unique threats and requirements that healthcare organizations should not ignore to keep their patients’ information secure.
  2. [05:15 – 08:15]: Todd explains how an organization can create a successful enterprise-grade security program with senior management support and overall alignment.
  3. [08:53 – 11:03]: Brian details the elements needed for a successful enterprise security program from a governance and risk management perspective.
  4. [11:53 – 16:50]: Todd and Brian explain how healthcare providers can assess the investment necessary when building a successful enterprise-grade security program.
  5. [18:24 – 21:18]: Todd and Brian discuss what questions a provider can ask to select the right technology vendor for their needs. Is there a point person responsible for security? Have they had breaches in the past? If so, how were they patched? Does the vendor have customers you can speak with prior to deciding whether to move forward?



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