Interoperability is a term that is often discussed but more often misunderstood in the healthcare industry. It’s been more than a decade since the federal government started subsidizing the “meaningful use” of EHRs; which began the journey to interoperability. But, one of the biggest challenges continues to be leaving providers out of the loop. And, leaving them behind. Now, a majority of providers are doing business electronically and expect their downstream counterparts to do the same.

This report will share key findings from Porter Research from the collected insights of 300 skilled nursing facility (SNF) business leaders and 100 referring physicians. The findings will help SNFs better understand the importance of interoperability and how technology can help them survive, and even thrive, in today’s challenging conditions. It also gives SNF leaders insights into opportunities they can explore to improve their place in the connected care continuum.

Want to gain a competitive advantage with interoperability?