Managing food allergens with Anita Hoffman, Director of Culinary Service, Palm Garden and Nicole Fresta, Clinical Dietitian, Palm Garden

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Amy Wootton, RDN, Director of Nutrition, MatrixCare, is joined by Anita Hoffman, Director of Culinary Service and Nicole Fresta, Clinical Dietitian, Palm Garden Health and Rehabilitation Center, for a conversation on managing food allergens across post-acute care.

Listen in as Amy, Anita, and Nicole discuss the importance of identifying and documenting food allergies, surprising factors that can lead to an allergic reaction, and tips for managing a resident’s food allergies via their plan of care. This episode will describe the severity of managing food allergens and introduce how MealTracker’s new allergen feature can help. Listen to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:21 – 02:07]: Anita and Nicole both provide their origin stories and how they found their focus on nutrition in long-term care.
  2. [02:25 – 02:48]: Anita explains why managing food allergens is so important.
  3. [02:58 – 04:10]: Nicole provides her recommendations for managing a resident with food allergies including working with their plan of care and documentation.
  4. [04:43 – 05:32]: Nicole explains some of the common factors that can lead to an allergic reaction when preparing food for a resident.
  5. [06:04 – 08:00]: Anita and Nicole detail their experience with MealTracker, including how long Palm Garden has used the product and which features they use most often.
  6. [08:24 – 10:24]: The pair discuss the benefits they’ve experienced using the new allergen feature that MealTracker provides.



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