In this episode of the Post-Acute POV podcast, Rob Stoltz, our host and senior business development director, is joined by Drew Bringhurst, the chief commercial officer at Hospice Dynamix. Together, they delve into Hospice Dynamix’ use of artificial intelligence and data-driven analytics to accurately designate predictive length of stays (PLOS).

Throughout their discussion, the duo explores critical issues related to hospice and palliative care, shedding light on the significance of identifying the right time for hospice care initiation during a patient’s stay. Tune in to gain insights into the critical aspects of clearly identifying current and future compliance risks, instilling confidence in your risk assessment decisions. Listen to their conversation.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:36 – 02:20]: Rob introduces the guest of the episode, Drew Bringhurst, and Drew provides some background on his career and the origin story of Hospice Dynamix.
  2. [02:44 – 05:04]: Drew shares how the Hospice Dynamix platform utilizes artificial intelligence and data-driven analytics to designate a predictive length of stay (PLOS) for each patient.
  3. [05:13 – 07:20]: Drew discusses the evolution of Hospice Dynamix from a financially driven product to then focusing on compliance and finally, putting the patient at the forefront.
  4. [07:20 – 08:53]: The duo addresses the central issue of patients not experiencing the gift of hospice early enough in their length of stay and the importance of identifying the need for hospice care at the correct time.
  5. [09:25 – 12:48]: Drew highlights change as a key obstacle that potential patients encounter when contemplating a shift to Hospice Dynamix. Traditional hospice organizations are unfamiliar with leveraging data, identifying a need for education.
  6. [13:15 – 14:23]: Drew details the ways patients are utilizing the analytics from Hospice Dynamix and making more informed decisions as a result.
  7. [14:23 – 15:57]: Rob concludes the conversation by touching on the future of the partnership between MatrixCare and Hospice Dynamix and thanks Drew for lending his expertise in this episode.



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