With Annette Salisbury, senior vice president of HCC clinical services at PruittHealth

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV podcast, Annette Salisbury, senior vice president of HCC clinical services at PruittHealth, is joined by our own, Daniel Zhu, vice president of product management, data, analytics, and AI/ML, and Kelly Danielson, clinical product manager, to outline the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in long-term care and the current impact of proactive care delivery.

The trio shares their personal experiences using artificial intelligence and the benefits and challenges that come along with implementing these new technologies. They also address concerns that have prevented some healthcare providers from implementing AI in their organizations. Listen in to their discussion.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:35 – 01:19]: The host introduces guests, Daniel Zhu, Kelly Danielson, and Annette Salisbury. Daniel details the key topics of the episode.
  2. [01:59 – 03:51]: Kelly and Annette discuss examples of artificial intelligence technologies and tools being used in long-term care.
  3. [04:34 – 06:03]: Annette addresses how she has helped implement AI in Pruitt’s facilities and how the technology has made a huge impact on patient care and family satisfaction.
  4. [06:11 – 09:02]: Annette outlines how beneficial artificial intelligence can be with the use of data, specifically in electronic health records.
  5. [09:55 – 12:33]: Annette shares how artificial intelligence is proactive and has helped her staff know which patients are at a higher fall risk.
  6. [13:12 – 16:27]: Annette explains the challenges she faced when first using artificial intelligence technology and how her staff reacted to the use of this innovation.
  7. [16:45 – 18:03]: Kelly and Annette discuss the fall program at PruittHealth.
  8. [ 18:29 – 20:46]: Daniel details how artificial intelligence will not replace humans but will drive efficiency and the efficacy of care.
  9. [21:28 – 23:47]: Daniel discusses how AI systems can be valuable for documentation processes and Annette outlines how AI systems are helpful for the nurses.
  10. [24:09 – 26:09]: Daniel summarizes the discussion and concludes the episode.



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