We’re dedicated to proactively solving the complex challenges of information security, strengthening our defenses against threats, and mitigating risks. We’ve built our processes and protocols from best practices in order to maintain confidentiality and data integrity for the business, our employees, our partners, and our patients.

Information security vision

The ResMed security program’s mandate is to support ResMed’s strategy through the protection of patients, data assets, and other assets, intellectual property, brand, and partnerships.

Information security charter

The information security team at ResMed is in place to maintain and continually improve an enterprise information security program that effectively protects high-risk information, system integrity and availability, customer and patient data, and ResMed revenue. Security governance will direct security by design to be part of all ResMed products and services. The program will meet the unique needs of our business by supporting high velocity and innovation while satisfying our contractual, regulatory, and ethical obligations.

Core beliefs

To support the vision of the information security team, we operate under these core beliefs:

  1. Security is treated and invested in as a strategic advantage.
  2. Patients and other stakeholder interests are at the core of all controls and security priorities.
  3. Trust has value, and loss of trust has a considerable cost, so we act decisively and assertively to mitigate risks through security control.

Who we protect

All stakeholders who use ResMed systems and assets are beneficiaries of ResMed security controls. These include all of our customers and partners:

  • Patients
  • Doctors and clinicians
  • Healthcare providers
  • Distribution channel partners
  • ResMedians
  • Investors and all other ResMed stakeholders