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Taking action to make data-driven decisions.

Taking action to make data-driven decisions.

The lifeblood of any business is the flow of important information. This is especially true for private duty and home care, where knowing how to analyze that information can help you make better business decisions. This eBook discusses the challenges facing these markets, how data access can be a differentiator, and how using analytics goes beyond basic reporting—empowering organizations to take informed, data-driven action for their growing businesses.

Data-focused solutions to industry pain points.

In private duty and home care, the pain points are simple: slim margins, tight labor markets, and time constraints. These seemingly simple challenges combined with a highly competitive industry call for a toolset that’s easy to use requires virtually no training and provides visual trends for KPIs in the market. While the labor market is always tight and competition never goes away, it’s the organizations that adopt these kinds of tools that consistently maintain (and go beyond) success.

Analytics and reporting bring value to industry pain points, but these tools are only one layer in a full spectrum of data solutions. There are three layers to the full information spectrum—the analytics layer, the EHR/RCM layer, and the data access layer.

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