The benefits of certification programs with triple certified MatrixCare user Lisa Horton, director of clinical compliance, CDP, ALG Senior

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Kevin Whitehurst, SVP of skilled nursing solutions at MatrixCare sits down with Lisa Horton, director of clinical compliance, CDP, ALG Senior, a triple certified MatrixCare user. Kevin and Lisa discuss the benefits of certification programs and how Lisa has used her multiple certifications to improve her organization’s training and efficiency which ultimately improves their bottom line.

The two also cover how to overcome employees’ resistance to adopting technology and Lisa ends the conversation by providing her top tips and recommendations for other MatrixCare users looking to get started with certification programs. Tune in to learn more.

Topics discussed during this episode:

  1. [00:38 – 01:39]: Lisa describes her origin story and how she began working in senior care.
  2. [02:01 – 03:22]: How Lisa’s organization encouraged her to earn multiple certifications and how they helped her grow within her organization.
  3. [3:34 – 5:04]: She details how her certifications play a role in mentoring others on technology adoption and how ALG Senior addresses the issue of employees’ resistance to adopt technology.
  4. [5:15 – 5:45]: How technology can help with common workforce challenges.
  5. [5:55 – 7:43]: What ALG Senior’s new hire onboarding program contributes to EHR education across interdisciplinary teams and how each team keeps up with different software releases.
  6. [7:55 – 8:24]: Lisa’s top tips and recommendations for other MatrixCare customers.



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