In part 2 of our latest series of the Post-Acute POV podcast, our host Lois Bowers, editor at McKnight’s Senior Living is joined by Allison Rainey, APRN, FNP-BC, head of nursing and clinical informatics at MatrixCare, and Daniel Zhu, VP of product management, data & AI/ML at MatrixCare.

Join Lois, Allison, and Daniel as they discuss their experiences with implementing artificial intelligence (AI) systems, the benefits that AI tools can provide, and their thoughts on the transformative impact of AI in the future of long-term care. Our guests share how using AI not only provides an increase in effective patient care but is also beneficial to staff. Listen to their conversation.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:35 – 01:33]: Introduction to part 2’s topic and speakers.
  2. [02:05 – 04:56]: Allison discusses how AI technologies help address issues before they have a negative outcome, and how AI can positively impact staff efficiency.
  3. [06:03 – 08:10]: Allison shares how facilities that leverage clinical monitoring tools can help decrease the use of antipsychotics.
  4. [09:19– 11:59]: Daniel talks about how AI can help clinical staff and Allison details the implementation process her team experienced.
  5. [13:05 – 14:57]: How AI can be integrated into existing workflows.
  6. [15:37 – 17:31]: The duo discusses implementing a fall program and the benefits of AI.
  7. [18:26 – 21:17]: Allison examines how AI can help with time savings, patient outcomes, and fall prevention.
  8. [21:50 – 23:36]: Daniel and Allison explore how AI will transform long-term care.
  9. [24:25 – 25:16]: The importance of AI and its work to ensure the proper level of care.
  10. [25:52 – 26:27]: The pair talk about how AI gives the power of care back to caregivers. 
  11.  [27:42 – 29:01]: Conclusion and key takeaways.



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