The impact of telehealth and remote patient monitoring with Jarrett Bauer, CEO and Co-Founder, Health Recovery Solutions

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Navin Gupta, SVP of the home and hospice division at MatrixCare, is joined by Jarrett Bauer, CEO and co-founder at Health Recovery Solutions, to discuss the impact of telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

Join Jarrett and Navin as they discuss how remote patient monitoring tools have evolved with the shift toward telehealth, the intersection of remote patient monitoring and patient engagement, and the impact of telehealth on reimbursement and an organization’s ROI. The pair also discuss why it’s important that technology is frictionless for clinicians and caregivers. Listen to their conversation.

Topics discussed during this episode:

  1. [01:59 – 03:51]: Jarrett introduces himself and explains the genesis of his company, Health Recovery Solutions.
  2. [04:15 – 06:14]: Next, Jarrett describes how remote patient monitoring tools have evolved as post-acute care has shifted to accommodate telehealth and care in the home.
  3. [7:09 – 07:56]: Jarrett comments on the intersection of remote patient monitoring and patient engagement and how HRS brings these cornerstones together to solve a range of problems.
  4. [9:04 – 11:35]: Jarrett then discusses how increased telehealth visits have emphasized the importance of reimbursement and ROI, and how this will evolve from the point of view of CMS.
  5. [12:51 – 13:20]: Jarrett agrees with Navin that providers need to make technology frictionless for clinicians, caregivers, and other healthcare workers. He believes this focus will help solve the growing labor shortage as well.
  6. [14:01 – 16:33]: Next, Jarrett addresses the issue of fraud and abuse happening in the use of remote care delivery services.
  7. [17:21 – 18:37]: Finally, Jarrett describes HRS’ plan to achieve their goal of impacting one million lives and preventing 200,000 readmissions.



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