In this episode of the Post-Acute POV podcast, our host Kim Broyer, VP of Professional Services at MatrixCare, is joined by Brenda Guevara, Executive Director at Ashford Hall to discuss how proper training and support are vital for senior care facilities to increase efficiency and save time.

Join Brenda and Kim as they examine how organizations can benefit from an advanced training program and how these tools can improve workflows, streamline staff training, and simplify reporting. Tune in to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:08 – 02:55]: Brenda shares her background in long-term care and discusses the challenges she was faced with.
  2. [03:37 – 05:19]: Hear what influenced Ashford Hall’s decision to use training hours and how she encouraged staff buy-in. 
  3. [06:02 – 07:53]: Find out how an advanced training program has improved Ashford Hall’s quality of care, saved time, and helped their reports with surveyors.
  4. [08:14 – 09:57]: Listen to examples of how their training program has saved their staff time with streamlined reporting.
  5. [10:31 – 12:57]: Hear the different ways that Brenda’s team has used the supplemental training.
  6. [13:38 – 16:02]: Kim and Brenda talk about the hands-on training available and how our team is always willing to help.
  7. [16:29 – 19:14]: The pair discuss the benefits and mention how MealTracker has helped their organization save on food costs and enabled better reporting.
  8. [20:25 – 23:03]: Find out how the dashboard collection tasks have saved Brenda’s team a lot of time and how staff training led to an interest in MDS capabilities and more.
  9. [23:15 – 25:58]: Brenda shares details of her staff’s feedback for the training and their top three benefits.
  10. [26:47 – 29:13]: Understand how the Inspire conference sparked Brenda’s interest in MatrixCare.



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