[Webinar] New and emerging technologies to support preventative care

Caregivers understand that keeping patients in the lowest-acuity care setting can reduce costs, ease burdens, and help individuals live better. And, the good news is that technological advances are converging with proven care concepts to create a future where:

  • Changes in a patient’s status and/or acuity can be predicted—and prevented
  • Home-based services for chronic condition management are readily available
  • Health and wellness programs are a standard part of healthcare

Listen to this session from our Inspire conference where industry experts discussed emerging trends and technology solutions that can help predict and prevent some adverse events so your staff can provide more effective care for patients. Watch now.


  • Gary Pederson, EVP, Facilities Division, MatrixCare
  • Adam Laskey, VP, Strategic Growth, Cerner
  • John Weatherbie, CTO, MatrixCare
  • Noah Marco, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Los Angeles Jewish Home
  • Avi Mamidi, Pharm.D, Director, North America Market Access, ResMed

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