What is interoperability with Eric Silverman, VP of technical services, MatrixCare

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Kevin Whitehurst, SVP of skilled nursing solutions at MatrixCare, sits down with Eric Silverman, VP of technical services at MatrixCare, to discuss the question: what is interoperability?

Eric simplifies the sometimes-complicated topic of interoperability by describing the three categories all interoperability falls into: connections between external products, connections between internal products, and third-party exchanges. Listen in as the pair present examples for each of these categories and touch on trending topics in the industry like pharmacy and vitals integrations, connecting to health information exchanges (HIEs), and the increase in continuity of care documentation.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:06 – 02:22]: Eric describes his origin story and how he became the VP of technical services at MatrixCare.
  2. [02:52 – 03:24]: What is interoperability? Eric shares his definition.
  3. [3:33 – 8:43]: Eric explains the three categories of interoperability: connections between external products, connections between internal products, and third-party exchanges.
  4. [9:16 – 10:26]: Examples of connections between external products like pharmacy and vitals integrations.
  5. [10:54 – 12:30]: An example of internal products connecting information between different care settings at the same organizations.
  6. [12:59 – 14:11]: How to implement a third-party exchange like health information exchange (HIE) and how to avoid the barriers to connect with an HIE.
  7. [14:38 – 16:59]: Eric describes why it’s critical to implement interoperability and how MatrixCare can help.
  8. [17:19 – 18:24]: The pair end their conversation by discussing continuity of care documentation and how this is an increasingly common third-party exchange.



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