5 Ways SaaS can benefit post-acute care organizations

Known as SaaS or software in the cloud, software as a service uses the internet to deliver applications. These applications typically require traditional software users to host, maintain, and troubleshoot locally. With SaaS, the burden of managing proprietary software versioning and updates — which requires budget and IT staff — is removed for post-acute care providers.

Choosing SaaS technology as your software partner can deliver many benefits. Here are five ways it can improve operations — without having to hire more staff or build an onsite server.

1. SaaS users can quickly get up and running.
When implementation and training are comprehensive and customized to your organization’s needs, onboarding is fast and scalable. The right SaaS partner will ensure the technology is designed to grow with your organization, which can set you up for success long before go-live.

2. Interoperability simplifies integrations.
Interoperability is no longer a want in this industry — it’s a need. Partners and referring providers expect ongoing engagement, and by leveraging relationships with other national cloud-based vendors, SaaS can give these providers access to integrations that can keep them connected. This modern approach to the way technology is delivered eliminates the thousands of point-to-point interfaces that used to be required to complete tasks. SaaS offers a new level of scalability, giving organizations a singular interface to keep partners and patients engaged.

3. Providers never have to wait for an upgrade.
With SaaS, upgrade cycles are a thing of the past. Instead, upgrades and new releases are available as soon as possible — and version requirements are a worry of the past.

4. It’s more than software — it’s support.
Since SaaS is cloud-based software, the centralized support that comes along with physically installing and locally configuring technology is no longer difficult to manage. Support is instead hybrid or virtual, which makes troubleshooting problems more efficient and training much faster.

5. SaaS is available any time, on most devices.
With SaaS platforms available with a simple internet connection — and some features available offline as well — users can access their digital tools on any device, wherever they may be. This is a critical solution for home-based care teams, who are often in the field making multiple home visits.

Without the complications of physical software, post-acute providers can focus less on IT support and more on engaging patients and partners. The benefits of SaaS go far beyond ease of use — organizations save money and time onboarding, managing, and accessing their digital tools.

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Nick Knowlton

Nick Knowlton is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for ResMed, parent company of Brightree and MatrixCare. He leads the company’s interoperability initiatives, amongst other areas. Nick brings more than 20 years of business experience across sales, marketing, product and strategy roles for technology and health information technology businesses. Prior to joining the ResMed family of brands, Nick ran strategic initiatives for Greenway Health, a market leader in the physician practice EHR space.

Nick is extremely active in the post-acute industry -- he is the chair of the board of directors of CommonWell Health Alliance and is on the board of HCTAA and PDHCA, which are affiliates of NAHC.

Nick has a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biochemistry from the University of Notre Dame.

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