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Adona Campbell knows what it’s like being a clinician on the move

After 23 years as a nurse, Adona Campbell truly understands her life calling to help people. Her drive to give back has taken her from decades in home health to MatrixCare’s senior customer success manager, where she helps other nurses use digital tools to spend less time on non-clinical tasks and more time doing what they love most — caring for patients in the home.

She knows what it’s like being a clinician on the move, which is why she’s so passionate about having easy-to-use software in the field. Here is just some of what she has learned along the way.

Q: What made you choose MatrixCare?

A: I was always told that I had a knack for documentation and I’ve always been fascinated with informatics. I was confident that I could contribute to help make it easier for nurses to focus on patient care — while at the same time fulfilling the responsibility of completing the documentation in a timely and accurate manner.

Q: What do you think is most critical for home health and hospice software providers?

A: Having interoperability tools. It drives better patient outcomes and effective documentation.

Q: What are the top industry challenges facing home health and hospice?

A: First, staffing shortages. I love being a nurse and taking care of people. And I hope the world thinks of this field as rewarding. Also, staff retention. Patient care has turned to more documentation over the years, resulting in less time with patients. MatrixCare helps to solve that problem by leveraging innovative technology to improve efficiencies across the board. This can attract more skilled employees and help simplify documentation.

Q: How does MatrixCare help with reimbursements?

A: With PDGM in 2020, Medicare made it more difficult for agencies to make a profit. We provide the tools that drive the “C notes” of documentation, which are:

  • Consistency: Is the patient diagnosis addressed in documentation?
  • Completion: Is documentation complete?
  • Compliance: Does documentation meet patient goals and outcomes?

Q: How does MatrixCare help ensure success?

A: With a dedicated customer success manager for every customer, we take the time to listen to problems. These managers are nurses, so they have empathy and they’ve been there, further driving our dedication to fix things.

MatrixCare’s Best in KLAS award-winning home health and hospice software, and complete solutions for out-of-hospital care, offer the cloud-based services you need to deliver compassionate care while growing your business.

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Adona Campbell

Adona Campbell is a dedicated Registered Nurse with 24 years of healthcare experience, specializing in Home Health and post-acute care. After witnessing the lack of accessible healthcare in her community following Hurricane Katrina, Adona felt compelled to contribute her skills where they were most needed. In 2015, she made a career shift to the software industry, driven by her passion to streamline processes and enhance work-life balance for clinicians. Adona's genuine passion lies in helping others, particularly the elderly, ensuring they receive access to quality care. She completed her nursing education at Charity School of Nursing in New Orleans and currently resides there with her husband of 18 years. In her leisure time, Adona enjoys movies, travel, swimming, and relaxing at home while enjoying binge-worthy series with her husband.

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