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How technology can help deliver care across settings

As staffing deficit and high turnover rates persist, home health and hospice organizations want intuitive platforms that require less training and streamline workflows so staff can work more efficiently. Many are also planning to invest in highly interoperable technology to save staff time, improve care coordination, and simplify communication for a more integrated care experience across settings.

Working in collaboration with McKnight’s, we conducted an online survey in December 2021 among 395 skilled nursing, life plan, and senior living organizations to learn more about the challenges involved with care across settings and how they plan to address them.

The importance of EHR partners offering integrated solutions across different care settings

Organizations are looking for advanced technology that works with existing systems and workflows to seamlessly share patient information, reduce time spent on documentation, and improve care coordination across settings.

53.4% of organizations surveyed have or plan to have a home health and hospice operation, reinforcing the need for solutions that work and communicate across care settings. More survey results include:

  • 63% prioritize an EHR partner that offers solutions across the different care settings they serve.
  • 33% want more advanced interoperability capabilities.
  • 37% prioritize technology integrations across care settings.
  • 33% spend six or more hours a week coordinating documents and care — reinforcing the opportunity to streamline processes.
  • 48% say ease of use is a key factor in their decision to switch EHR providers.

When it comes to what organizations want their EHR providers to understand about their business, communication tops the list at number one. Care coordination comes in at number two, followed by user experience and efficiency.

Meet the growing demand for operational efficiencies

It’s clear that care organizations want to simplify communication between providers across care settings, gain insight into patient status after hospital discharge, and make it easier to engage patients and their families with educational resources and information for a more satisfying care experience.

Our innovative solution is built to meet — and even exceed — these growing industry expectations. These are a few of our many features that deliver operational efficiencies.

  • Access nationwide provider networks
    Clinical information can flow bi-directionally between home health and hospice and other care settings via CommonWell Health Alliance, so each patient’s journey is easily accessible to all of their providers. This helps improve efficiency, care coordination, and quality of care and is included in the core EHR solution.

  • Accept referrals electronically
    Using Direct Secure Messaging, providers using MatrixCare can securely receive electronic referrals (via C-CDA).

  • Scrub documents
    With MyScrubber, help identify errors, collect accurate data, complete quality assessments, and improve patient outcomes.

  • Empower clinicians
    MyScrubber Clinical empowers clinicians with alerts and recommendations, helping to ensure accurate documentation is submitted and takebacks are minimized.

  • Ease the administrative burden
    MatrixCare Link Forms and Documents ease the burden of paperwork through secure signature capture and a user-friendly forms builder.

  • Transform your communication
    MatrixCare Video Chat can transform communication between care teams and patients and families to elevate care.

  • Simplify documentation
    Speech-to-text (NVOQ) helps save time, increase accuracy, accelerate reimbursement, and increase staff satisfaction with integrated, secure, voice-enabled documentation. Your organization can benefit from improved documentation quality and accuracy, while your clinicians can enjoy an improved work-life balance.

  • Shave time off medication entry and reconciliation
    Through our integration with Surescripts, your organization will have access to a large nationwide database of prescriptions, allowing field clinicians to reconcile patient records quickly and easily.

  • Communicate in real time
    MatrixCare Link Messaging gives care teams a simple, secure way to communicate in real time to discuss plans of care and address concerns.

Get the best technology to meet the shift in care delivery

MatrixCare offers Best in KLAS technology that helps you deliver a more integrated care experience across care settings. Our advanced technologies work with your existing systems and workflows so you have the tools to seamlessly access and exchange patient information, improve communication and engagement, drive better outcomes, and retain valuable talent.

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MatrixCare provides an extensive range of software solutions and services purpose-built for out-of-hospital care settings. As the multiyear winner of the Best in KLAS award for Long-Term Care Software and Home Health and Hospice EMR, MatrixCare is trusted by thousands of facility-based and home-based care organizations to improve provider efficiencies and promote a better quality of life for the people they serve. As an industry leader in interoperability, MatrixCare helps providers connect and collaborate across the care continuum to optimize outcomes and successfully manage risk in out-of-hospital care delivery.

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