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July 29, 2020
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Continuous improvement and a culture of feedback are key for any organization, product, and team. KLAS Research sits squarely in the healthcare IT space as a big driver for continuous improvement. With over twenty years of experience collecting feedback, performing quality checks, analyzing, and training, KLAS has demonstrated its commitment to sharing industry research in hopes that patients can benefit.

In our recent podcast, Navin Gupta, Senior Vice President of the Home and Hospice Division for MatrixCare, speaks with Paul Hess, Research Director for KLAS Enterprise, to discuss how research can inform decision-making. These insights enable healthcare providers to identify post-acute care trends and make decisions that help patients. Here’s a peek into what they covered.

How to determine which vendors are “Best in KLAS?”

To find these insights, it’s imperative to be close to those in the industry. Hess says he spends a third of his time talking with healthcare organizations to see their perspective and “understand what challenges they’re up against and the strengths and weaknesses of the vendors’ technologies that they’re using.” He also spends significant time interacting with technology vendors to help them better understand their customers. Finally, he analyzes the results to determine which vendors are “Best in KLAS.”

Why should you pay attention to KLAS?

KLAS hopes that providers and organizations can leverage their insight to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different vendors within the healthcare IT space. Any provider with a recognized email address can go on, create their own username, login, and have immediate access to the KLAS website, reports, and findings. It is completely free for providers to use. In return, they hope you take the opportunity to talk with them to share your perspective on the technologies you’re using. To learn more, please visit

How do KLAS rankings affect an organizations’ success?

Vendors could have a great market share in their segment. They could have great financials, but if their customer experience is low, that could be a leading indicator that the vendor may not be a good fit for your organization. It’s important to find a technology vendor that puts customers first and can help support your goals. Technology vendors can help take your organization to the next level when chosen correctly. Leverage KLAS insights to find the technology partner that’s right for you.

Want to learn more? Listen to the full podcast.

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