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OASIS-E learnings and data

In 2022, CMS estimated that it would take the clinician 57.3 minutes to complete the OASIS-E, and we all found out in January that was not the case. So how has this new mandate really impacted home health and hospice providers? In a recent customer survey, we asked agencies how clinicians and reviewers are affected with OASIS-E implementation.

In this blog, we share what we’ve learned about OASIS-E, as well as some of the most challenging sections so far.

How long did it take clinicians to do the OASIS-E in January 2023?

Out of input from 12 different EMRs, we discovered no significant difference in the length of time to perform the assessment from one EMR to the next — but we did ask how long it takes their clinicians to do the OASIS-E. In January 2023, 40% of the surveyed clinicians were taking 60 to 90 minutes. Another 40% were taking 90 to 120 minutes.

Graph showing how long did it take clinicians to do the OASIS-E in January 2023

How long did it take clinicians to do the OASIS-E three or more months into 2023?

We then wanted to know where clinicians are now, by three or four months into 2023.

44% are now taking 60 to 90 minutes total time, and 33% are taking 45 to 60 minutes to complete OASIS-E. Only 10% are taking 90 to 120 minutes to complete, compared to 40% in January.


How long did it take office staff and reviewers to review the OASIS-E SOC/ROC in January 2023?

During the first two to three weeks of January 2023, more than half of the office staff and OASIS-E SOC/ROC reviewers were taking an additional 30 to 45 minutes to complete their review. Another 25% took an additional 15 to 30 minutes, and remaining reviewers surveyed took either less or longer.

How long did it take office staff and reviewers to review the OASIS-E SOC/ROC three or more months into 2023?

Three months into 2023, most were either taking an additional five to 10 minutes, or back to their original amount of time — a significant improvement.

Pie chart - How long did it take office staff and reviewers to review the OASIS-E SOC/ROC three or more months into 2023?

Which OASIS-E items are the biggest struggle for clinicians?

When surveying whether any OASIS-E items were a struggle for clinicians, we found that about 55% of clinicians had continued difficulties with the C0100 and the C0500 questions for the brief interview and the summary scoring. The next most difficult item was the N0415, the high-risk drug class use and indication. And less than 30% struggled with the O0110, special treatments and procedures.

While the initial OASIS-E experience for agencies surpassed CMS’ estimate of 57.3 minutes for clinicians to complete the mandate, it’s clear that these tasks are becoming more efficient with time. But only time will tell if the challenges brought on by OASIS-E will ease as well.

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Tressa Hronek

Tressa Hronek, RN, HCS-D, HCS-O, Supervisor, Coding Services Operations

Tressa is a Registered Nurse with specialized certifications as a Coding and Oasis Specialist. With a career spanning over 30 years in the healthcare field, she has gained experience in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, physician offices, nursing facilities, and her preferred area of focus, Home Health and Hospice. Tressa initially began her journey in Home Health as a field nurse and gradually advanced into managerial roles, eventually leading to her current position as the Coding Services Supervisor at HEALTHCAREfirst. Her outstanding leadership abilities, professionalism, and effective communication skills enable her to cultivate strong working relationships with agency directors and clinicians. Tressa's managerial expertise and industry knowledge make her a valuable resource for both clinicians and agencies. During her tenure at HEALTHCAREfirst, she has actively contributed to the training of Coders and Reviewers on the Coding Station. Additionally, she serves as a valuable source of information for clinicians regarding industry standards and regulatory requirements related to Coding and OASIS Reviews.

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