Switching from Paper & Excel Spreadsheets to Electronic Heath Records (EHR)

Many senior living communities still rely on paper records and Excel spreadsheets instead of digital solutions for tracking client health records and customer relationship management (CRM). One of the biggest reasons for the delay in adoption? Anxiety about switching from paper to digital EHR and CRM software.

In this post, we’ll prepare you for what to expect when transitioning to EHR and CRM software after using a paper-based system at your long-term care facility.

Switching to EHR & CRM Software: Dealing with Your Data

The biggest question senior living communities tend to have is how to transfer patient health records and prospect data from where it is currently stored to the EHR and/or CRM software. The answer to that question could be as simple as manipulating your Excel spreadsheets to achieve compatibility with your new software, and then importing the data automatically. Or, if your records are stored primarily on paper, the answer becomes a matter of manual data entry. Quite frequently, we work with senior living communities that fall somewhere in between.

No matter where your community fits along this spectrum, we recommend cleaning up your data before you begin the migration process. The more accurate and up-to-date your records are from the beginning, the more value you’ll get from your new senior living EHR and CRM software.

Transitioning to EHR & CRM Software: How Long does it Take?

Naturally, senior living communities want to know how long it will take before the migration process is complete and the new software is ready to use. As you might suspect, several factors contribute to the timeline, most notably, the size of your senior living community, the amount of data you have and the accessibility/accuracy of said data. However, in our experience, transitioning from paper to EHR software can take as little as several days to a month or less.

Converting to EHR & CRM Software: Support & Customer Service

Last but certainly not least, senior living communities want to know how much support they can expect—not just during the transition, but after everything is up and running.

We obviously can’t speak for other vendors, but with MatrixCare, you’ll work together with one of our conversion specialists who will craft a highly-structured transition plan that is customized to the unique circumstances of your senior living community. Also known as an Implementation Project Manager (IPM), this individual drives the project to on-time, on-budget completion and is a change agent for your staff.

Your IPM does not act alone, however. A dedicated trainer will help facilitate in-person training sessions to get your team members comfortable with your new EHR and CRM software. And, after implementation is complete, we’ll circle back around to make sure your solution is fully optimized to deliver the best return on your investment. Finally, beyond your follow-up optimization check, you’ll have access to unlimited support from our dedicated customer service team.

We Make Switching from Paper to EHR & CRM Software Easy

The important thing to remember is that hundreds of senior living communities like yours have been through this process before and have come out the other side better equipped to maintain census and provide quality care to residents.

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Eric Silverman

Eric brings more than 25 years of technology experience and over 15 years of experience in the long-term post-acute care space on both the provider and vendor sides of the industry. He most recently served as Associate Vice President of Client Services for the MatrixCare Senior Living Business Unit where he supervised Training Support and Implementation. He came to MatrixCare through its acquisition of Right Click Software, where he was Vice President of Client Services.

Prior to MatrixCare, Eric was with Signature Senior Living as the Director of Technology and led the IT department during the implementation of many newly constructed Senior Living communities. Before Signature Senior Living, he served in various technology leadership roles with Assisted Living Concepts, VCPI, and Southwestern Bell Corporation.

Eric holds a BBA from the University of North Texas and many technology certifications.

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