Why Track Activities and Tasks at Your Senior Living Community?

You probably know that the buying cycle for a potential new resident at your senior living community can take 18 months or longer. This makes sense, especially when you consider that researching communities and learning about all the living options and amenities, touring favorite communities and then downsizing a home is not a simple process.

Whether potential residents are looking for an active lifestyle in an independent living community and peace of mind for their future needs, or adult children are seeking supportive services like assisted living or memory care for aging loved ones, your senior living marketing efforts should be focused on what is most important to prospects at all times throughout the sales cycle.

Senior Living Marketing: Understanding Where Your Leads Are

In today’s competitive market, it’s not enough to simply have a website explaining the services, floor plans and amenities available at your community. Of course, your site should be well-optimized so it can be easily found in the search results, but keep in mind that the goal of your site is to turn those who visit into leads – and ultimately into residents. When prospects reach out—via phone or form submission—how effectively is your sales team managing those relationships and nurturing leads through the decision making process?

Using Your Senior Living CRM to Properly Nurture Leads

A robust senior living CRM software solution allows your community to track the critical marketing data needed to turn prospects into residents. This is done by managing your leads from the initial inquiry and guiding them all the way through to move-in.

MatrixCare Marketing Essentials includes features like our Lead Management Center and Activity Center. In the Lead Management Center, staff members can document each lead’s individual needs to provide a high-level story of what they’re looking for in a senior living community. This is important because it allows you to create follow up strategies targeting their specific needs; for instance, emailing reminders about upcoming events they would find interesting. Relevant follow ups are valuable opportunities to continually call out what sets your community apart from all the rest.

You always want to stay top-of-mind to your potential residents, or to their adult children doing the research. Bombarding prospects haphazardly with emails or follow up phone calls is not the most effective route to take, either. This is where tracking staff activities becomes vital. Instead, your team should create organized tasks so they can stay on top of the most important action items. In the Activity Center, the staff can schedule their time efficiently to follow up on high priority leads. From just a glance in the Activity Center dashboard, the team will see what leads should take precedence for the day. Plus, they can view notes about what activities were already completed, like if a message was left for a prospect and another follow up call has been scheduled to avoid making duplicate calls.

Tracking activities and tasks in such a manner helps ensure your community is making contact with prospects when it matters most:

  • When leads first become aware that your community could be a great fit
  • When leads request more specific information by filling out your web forms
  • When leads decide they’re ready for a tour of your community
  • When leads make the final decision to move in

The right senior living CRM software helps ensure you can be there with them every step of the way.

Simplified Activity and Task Tracking with Senior Living CRM Software

Keep your sales team focused and potential residents satisfied by properly tracking leads, activities and tasks using MatrixCare Marketing Essentials. For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can boost your marketing efforts with our streamlined senior living CRM software.

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