In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Amy Wootton, RDN, LDN, Director of Nutrition at MatrixCare, is joined by D’Jeanne Florence, Executive Director of Nutrition and Dining Services at PruittHealth to discuss how a Menu Services tool can simplify the customization of dietitian-approved menus, allowing you to deliver appealing and nutritional meals for your residents.

Join Amy and D’Jeanne as they discuss the importance of dietitian-approved recipes and plans, how technology has impacted menu planning and production, and how Menu Services can increase staff efficiency and assist in meeting regulatory requirements. This episode details the impact of food quality, the challenges in providing nutritious meals, and how a nutrition management solution can help with those challenges.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:04 – 02:30] Amy discusses the importance of providing dietitian-approved menus in post-acute care.
  2. [02:57 – 03:45]: Gain an understanding of the regulatory requirements for meeting residents’ nutritional needs.
  3. [4:10 – 6:08]: We review the resources needed for evaluating meal plans and how to build and plan menus around certain meal restrictions or inclusions.
  4. [6:36 – 7:55]: D’Jeanne details the importance of building a balanced diet and emphasizes correct portion sizes in meal planning for your organization.
  5. [8:04 – 12:11]: Amy explains how to use a Menu Services tool to improve meal development, diversity, and cost. 
  6. [13:05 – 16:32]: We cover different features that can be used to expedite menu planning.
  7. [18:33 – 20:23]: D’Jeanne shares what PruittHealth has gained by using a Menu Services tool and how it has increased productivity.
  8. [20:34 – 22:30]: The pair discuss the current dining trends across post-acute care.
  9. [23:07- 24:07]: Amy and D’Jeanne detail how a Menu Services tool can help maximize your organization’s food budget and decrease stress.
  10. [24:49 – 25:40]: We conclude the episode by reviewing the key ideas covered in the conversation and how to access a Menu Services tool.



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