In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Nick Andrews, a reporter with Senior Housing News, is joined by Robert Moore, RN, DNS-CT, RAC-CT, Director of Strategy and Portfolio Management at MatrixCare, Tina Doer, Product Manager at MatrixCare, and Jeanne Gerstenkorn, SVP of Health & Wellness at Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America, to discuss how to leverage your current EHR solution to promote positive outcomes for your residents.

Listen in as they discuss the top trends in senior care and walk you through how to leverage your current EHR solution to promote positive outcomes for your residents, including wellness initiatives for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to help ensure residents age in place. This episode will explain what to look for in post-acute care to catch rehospitalizations before they happen, what reports are vital for directors of nursing, and what to look for in an EHR or technology partner.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:25 – 05:16]: Nick introduces the panelists, and they discuss each of their takes on the top three trends in senior care.
  2. [05:31 – 07:41]: The group addresses the topic of rehospitalization and the negative impacts that repeated hospital visits can have on residents. Rob and Tina discuss the importance of maintaining the best quality care.
  3. [08:16 – 10:45]: The trio discusses how rehospitalizations can impact referrals from healthcare providers and the different costs associated with rehospitalizations.
  4. [11:13 – 14:15]: The panelists detail different software solutions that can help reduce rehospitalizations.
  5. [14:27 – 17:09]: Jeanne shares an example of the improvement in rehospitalization rates at Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America and discusses how technology has helped catch rehospitalizations before they happen.
  6. [17:22 ­– 19:40]: Jeanne addresses how solutions can promote positive outcomes for residents. Robert and Tina share some last insights on re-hospitalization.
  7. [20:15 – 24:19]: The group touches on how technology can help increase efficiency of documentation and how to stay on top of documentation.
  8. [24:43 – 26:25]: Rob discusses his experience as a nurse and emphasizes the significance of high-level reports.
  9. [26:56 – 29:20]: Jeanne explains how reports can help identify areas of improvement and track progress over time. Tina highlights the importance of data analytics and how systems are constantly evolving to provide more analytics.
  10. [29:37 – 30:30]: Jeanne talks about the importance of sound documentation and how poor documentation can negatively impact different aspects of a business.
  11. [30:42 – 32:49]: Rob concludes the episode by talking about how we incorporate customer feedback into product development.



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