Information security: The non-negotiables in digital healthcare acceleration part II with Todd Friedman, Brian Tolkkinen, and Stephen Squires

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, Navin Gupta, SVP of the Home and Hospice Division at MatrixCare, sits down with Todd Friedman, Chief Information Security Officer at ResMed, Brian Tolkkinen, Director of Information Security at MatrixCare, and Stephen Squires, Director of Information Security at Brightree, to discuss the non-negotiables related to information security every provider should have when engaging with digital healthcare. Discover best practices for creating and maintaining an effective security program and tips to keep your data and information secure.

To properly protect your organization’s information and ensure compliance with regulatory and industry requirements, it’s imperative to have a strong security program. Listen in as our guests dive deeper into what providers should look for when creating their own security strategy and the importance of prevention, response, and recovery while responding to inevitable security incidents.

Links mentioned in the episode

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What we covered in today’s episode

  1. Many organizations and individuals are susceptible to falling for scams, particularly during the holidays. Guide us through some gotchas, tips, and awareness that people should be taking note of.
  2. Todd, as the leader over this function, would you mind just framing up the focus areas, and then we’ll talk about how you deal with security incidents?
  3. What is a security incident?
  4. Steve, I know we’re talking about prevention, response, and restoration regarding security incidents. What about the aspect of prevention, in particular? How do you view this?
  5. In terms of governance, what are some things we should be paying attention to?
  6. Testing is an important part of protecting digital data. Steve, you are actively involved in testing information security practices, can you tell us more about this?
  7. Once you have prevention measures in place, inevitably something happens, and we need to get into response and restoration. Share with us what that means and what that looks like.
  8. If we do report an incident, from a governance standpoint, what does that response look like?
  9. Very briefly, if I’m a care provider and I want to get a security program kicked off, what are two elements that you would prioritize and say pay attention to this?



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