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Support for all of your needs with one platform.

Support for all of your needs with one platform.

Something Providence Life Services discovered when selecting MatrixCare for their home health and hospice EHR is that the right tools make all the difference. MatrixCare offers an award-winning, comprehensive EHR solution, designed by clinicians. Our software supports standards and best practices that maximize compliance, improve patient care, increase clinical and operational efficiencies, and improve billing. It’s a diversified care solution for a variety of care settings with one single log-in.

This solution is exactly what Providence Life Services set out to find when they went in search of a singular platform that could provide support across their home health, hospice, private duty and palliative care needs.

Beyond the simplicity of one EHR for multiple lines of business, Providence Life Services chose MatrixCare for a handful of other reasons:

• Customer service

• Ease of use at the point of care

• High level of regulatory compliance

Before selecting MatrixCare, Providence Life Services conducted a thorough search. They leveraged their internal IT team, ProviNET Solutions, to walk them through the vetting process and assist with the technical analysis of the vendors chosen to participate.

In the end, MatrixCare was the clear choice for Providence Life Services. Beyond our operational benefits, MatrixCare Analytics provided them with the information needed to make intelligent business decisions to better meet their organization’s goals.

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