When it comes to interoperability, the gap continues to widen between what hospitals and physicians want from their post-acute care counterparts, and what those providers are prepared to deliver.

Private duty organizations who mind the gap and embrace true interoperability will increase their odds of successfully navigating the new value-based care economy and will operate more successfully in today’s environment.

Through this engaging presentation of a research study that surveyed both post-acute providers and their referral sources, private duty organizations can better understand the interoperability gap and steps to take to solve it:

  • Learn what referring physicians and hospitals care about most when it comes to interoperability among their post-acute care providers.
  • Better understand how interoperability can positively impact an organization’s clinical and financial performance, as well as opportunities to differentiate.
  • Receive practical guidance on 5 things home health and hospice organizations can do today to start closing the gap and winning more referrals.